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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry Mississauga

Your oral health impacts your overall health, which is why it’s essential to give your teeth and gums the regular preventive care they need. If your oral hygiene habits are lacking, you are likely to experience a variety of problems that may cause permanent damage or require costly treatment.

If you do not brush frequently, plaque can damage your teeth and lead to tooth decay. Tooth decay happens in several stages, but some damage may be reversible with proper care. However, long-term plaque buildup can lead to cavities, discolouration, sensitivity, and potential infections known as abscesses.

Your gums can also be affected by poor oral health care. Initially, you may develop a condition known as gingivitis. This is caused by bacteria in plaque and can cause your gums to become inflamed and bleed when brushing or flossing. At this point, no irreversible damage has been done, and your teeth are still secure.

If left untreated, gingivitis can become periodontitis, also known as gum disease. This is where the gum and bone begin to pull away from the teeth, forming small pockets. These pockets can become infected and allow bacteria to grow below your gum line. The bacteria can damage the connective tissue and bone that hold your teeth in place and possibly lead to tooth loss if it becomes too severe.

Fortunately, it is never too late to begin a preventive dental care routine. Your teeth can last you a lifetime if you care for them properly at home, attend regular checkups and cleaning appointments, and seek expert dental care when you need it. Taking an active role in managing your oral health will help you to live a vibrant and active life at any age.

Trillium Smile Dentistry is always here for you when clinical care is needed, but we view dental checkups and cleanings as only part of our job. We believe it is best to prevent problems before they start, which is why we also help you develop habits that will protect your teeth and gums.

Home Dental Care

The first step to good oral health is to develop regular brushing and flossing habits. For some patients, this is much easier said than done, but it is one of the most important things you can do.

Some of advice we give to our patients include:

  • Use a small toothbrush with soft, rounded nylon bristles to avoid causing gum recession or enamel loss.
  • Choose a smooth, non-abrasive toothpaste in a flavour that appeals to you. Many companies make toothpaste in flavours besides mint, including cinnamon, vanilla, and fruit options.
  • Brush at least twice a day. Each session should last for two minutes. It is best to do this every morning when you wake up and every night before bed.
  • Keep a toothbrush in your car, bag, or at your desk to brush after lunch.
preventative dental care mississauga

We also offer personalized tips to each of our patients. The best way to ensure these habits stick is to craft a routine that fits your lifestyle. Our team will help you find the right oral care schedule and dental products for your individual needs and preferences.

Although fluoride is a key active ingredient in toothpaste and provides most of its anticavity properties, some people choose to avoid it. This can make finding an effective toothpaste challenging. We would recommend a toothpaste made with xylitol, a natural substance with similar cavity-fighting properties in these cases. We carry several toothpaste options containing xylitol in our office for those looking for an alternative.

Some patients also have difficulty finding dental floss that works well for them. Ribbon floss and waxed floss are best for patients with closely spaced teeth or many restorations since they will easily slide into tight spaces. However, some prefer the squeaky-clean sensation that unwaxed floss provides. There are also many different flossing methods, including traditional floss, floss picks, threaders, and water irrigators. Our staff will discuss your flossing needs with you and suggest the options they think would work best.

Many patients struggle with their oral health because of a medical condition or medication they take. Dry mouth is a particularly common side effect of many oral medications and can cause extensive tooth decay. Many products can help combat these adverse oral health effects, and we often carry samples of many of them. Ask us If we have anything that could work for you.

Diet Counseling

Preventative Dentistry

We offer support in discovering what part of your diet may have in contributing to decay. Foods that contain carbohydrates (sugars and starches) include soft drinks, pastries, ice cream, candy, rice, fruits and juices.It is not only about what you eat but also about how frequently you eat these foods.

Bacteria interact with the deposits left on teeth from sugars and starchy foods to produce acids. The acids change tooth enamel over time by dissolving or demineralizing the mineral structure of teeth leading to decay and weakened teeth. You might think it is the best to brush right after you eat  but surprisingly the last thing we wqant you to do is to brush right after. You should wait 20 minutes after you eat sugar or carbohydrates to brush as the environment of your mouth is acidic in that period and brushing might be damaging your enamel. We take our time to educate our patients on healthy choices and good habits to keep their teeth healthy.

Most of the decay we see in adults is a result of the breakdown of old fillings. But it is possible to break the cycle of patch and repair. Our office uses a Caries Detecting

Oral Cancer Screening

preventing oral cancer in mississauga
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As with many other types of cancer, oral lesions that are detected early offer a better chance for successful treatment, making oral cancer detection one more reason to visit your dentist regularly. We take the time to carefully evaluate the oral conditions present in your mouth and throat as well as your neck to screen for any abnormalities.

Periodontal Maintenance Program

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The most important reason why people lose their teeth is undiagnosed periodontal disease. But, we know that 90% of all adults have periodontal (gum) disease of various levels.The disease begins without warning, and in early stages causes gums to become sore, bleed easily and contribute to bad breath. As it progresses, teeth loosen and separate; your bite changes and teeth are eventually lost.

For this reason, we perform careful gum evaluation into each visit. Our goal is to diagnose the progression of this disease and offer an opportunity for you to minimize bone loss and preserve your smile for a lifetime through our Periodontal Maintenance Program (PMP). The PMP is designed to create a custom regimen for your condition that will include treatment at the office as well as specific home care. This program is highly effective in the treatment as well as the prevention of periodontal disease.

We incorporate a thorough gum and periodontal evaluation into each visit. This includes:

  • Pocket depth measurement of the space between your gums and teeth.
  • Evaluation of bone loss.
  • Determination of tooth mobility.
  • Measurement of gum recession or overgrowth.
  • Determine amount of inflammation present.

This data is recorded into your chart in our computer charting system. At a glance, we can review data that shows the changes that have occurred between visits; maintained health, disease progression over time, and improvements in periodontal health as a result of treatment.

At trillium smile, we are your partner to improve and maintain your oral health.

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